BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Apple iPhone, which would you choose: Video

Research In Motion has the BlackBerry Bold and the BlackBerry Storm, both of which want your attention. A sale is a sale of course so it doesn’t matter to RIM if you choose their Bold or Storm as long as you choose one over the Apple iPhone.

The BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Storm are however, two different siblings from the same stable, and each one wants to be at the top of the RIM tree.

But could you choose between these three smartphones? Maybe you require a little help in making the right choice? So how about a video comparing the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm, and the Apple iPhone 3G?

Thought you might like that, video can be found below.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Apple iPhone, which would you choose: Video”

  1. There is a massive Storm coming and the Apple tree will shake. Apple needs to update it’s iPhone because the other companies are bringing out models with many more features and their Touch Screen technology is catching up soooo fast now and may even overtake Apple. The BB Storm is a very serious threat to the iPhone and I for one will be buying it. Oh, did I mention the Storm has iTunes to boot!!!!