Motorola VE66 a twin of the Motorola ZN5?

You may be thinking that the Motorola VE66 looks somewhat familiar, and to be honest you wouldn’t be wrong, this is because if you think back to around May time you would have seen something with virtually the exact same appearance.

China’s regulatory people have now approved the Motorola VE66 so it is more likely to at least see a release at some point in the future. But unlike the Motorola VE66’s doppelganger, the Motorola ZN5, the VE66 is a slider rather than the ZN5’s candy-bar form factor.

The Motorola VE66 is apparently 3G in addition to having WiFi, and boasts a 5 megapixel camera that for some strand reason is absent of any Kodak branding, which is kind of strange as Motorola made quite a big shout about Kodak being on the ZN5 so one would have though the VE66 would have had Kodak branding too.

Source — idnes

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