No Facebook for the Google Android T-Mobile G1

A new war appears to be on the horizon within the mobile arena, this time between Google and Facebook. It appears that social networking giant Facebook doesn’t want anything to do with the Google Android platform, and will not be releasing an app for the Android OS.

Apparently issues appeared between the two internet giants when Facebook blocked Google’s Friend Connect saying there were security issues over the competing app. Although one must also remember that Facebook is invested in by Microsoft which we all know isn’t a big fan of Google.

However, Facebook say they haven’t completely ruled out an application for the T-Mobile G1 Android, but will not be dedicating any of there resources to making one, but this doesn’t mean other developers can’t.

Source — techradar


3 thoughts on “No Facebook for the Google Android T-Mobile G1”

  1. SirLuciousLeftFoot says:

    I’m not following…can’t you just use the phone’s elite browser to goto the site directly?…Instead of worrying about an application for it???…

  2. steven says:

    yea u can but it works better if u have an app installed…u can do the same with myspace but myspace has its own app and it works better that way

  3. Ealesa Evers says:

    I have just ordered my G1 from T-mobile and never knew that there was not an application for it …. not cool, i will be writeing yet another letter to facebook managers, who smell by the way (Y)

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