T-Mobile G1 Android virtual keyboard on its way soon

The Google Android T-Mobile G1 is out, and it has quite a bit going for it, but it does come as a bit of surprise that this latest technological smartphone has opted to leave out any form of virtual keyboard, thus even the shortest text message requires the screen to be flipped out and for you to tap on the buttons.

But, this may just change fairly soon apparently as a rough roadmap at the new Android source repository actually has soft keys marked down for the first 3 months of 2009, which isn’t that long to wait when you think about it.

The roadmap also says though that if the android community should get involved the subject time-line could well change, so the G1 could possibly see a virtual keyboard even sooner. It is good to seen Google still working away at improving the G1, and of course if there are any eager android developers out there who wish to pitch in with the idea we could maybe see it even quicker.

Source — htcsource