BlackBerry Bold and Pearl gets live video streaming

If you own a BlackBerry Pearl or BlackBerry Bold you will be able to download software called Qik, which basically allows you to stream live video to the web directly from your phone as Qik now supports RIM’s BlackBerry platform, although it is only available in alpha state so you could find yourself with a few problems or bugs. If you own the BlackBerry Curve or BlackBerry Flip there will be a later release coming out very soon.

Qik Being on the Research in Motions BlackBerry platform helps reinforce Qik’s position as leader of device support in front of Kyte and Flixwagon as none of these softwares support BlackBerry.

Although, new software launched called Next2Friends being the first streaming video application that supports BlackBerry may give Qik a run for its money.

It’s not only the RIM BlackBerry platform that Qik supports, it also supports J2ME platform which is a platform that you will find on a lot of various phones. There is still no news as to when Apple’s iPhone will get Qik, but we will keep you posted.

Source: WashingtonPost

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