Pre-order Free T-Mobile G1 Black now with Carphone Warehouse

The latest Google Android T-Mobile G1 in Black is soon to be available for free with the Carphone Warehouse. The T-Mobile G1 incorporates the latest technology the Google Android platform which offers one touch access to YouTube, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Maps, and much more.

The Carphone Warehouse will be offering the T-Mobile G1 with a tariff of Combie G1 – £40 — WnW 18 months, 800 minutes and unlimited texts, and a FREE Google Android T-Mobile G1 handset in black.

The T-Mobile G1 offers the user Android technology, quad-band, 3.15 megapixel camera, MP3 player, along with WiFi and 3.5G technology.

Be certain to get your T-Mobile G1 handset free by pre-ordering from the Carphone Warehouse right now.


One thought on “Pre-order Free T-Mobile G1 Black now with Carphone Warehouse”

  1. Shenai Gunderson says:

    I really want this T-mobile G1 because it look nice and pretty easy to use.