T-Mobile G1 security flaw revealed by former NSA specialist

It appears the Android software has a serious flaw, according to a group of security researchers. The word is Charles A. Miller, one of the researchers told Google of this flaw and said he was publicising it now due to his belief that mobile phone users are not aware that smartphones face the same threats as personal computers with internet access.

Apparently this flaw could well be exploited by an attacker which may trick the Google Android T-Mobile G1 user into visiting a booby trapped website, says former National Security Agency computer security specialist Miller.

Google, apparently acknowledged the problem, but stated the security features on the G1 would limit any extent of damage done by a potential intruder.

Source — nytimes


One thought on “T-Mobile G1 security flaw revealed by former NSA specialist”

  1. Joe says:

    LoL, security flaws were a given since the day they said the Android would be released on the T-Mobile Network.. pretty much a given, does no one remember what happened to Paris Hilton’s contact list just a few years back, guess what Cell Phone provider she had…yup you guessed it… T-Mobile, here we go again

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