BlackBerry OS Vs Apple Mac OS Vs Google Android

Now this is a tough one if you are new to smartphones but for all those that are used to smartphones would indeed have a favourite OS (Operating System). We want to know what is best and which is why we have titled this article “BlackBerry OS Vs Apple Mac OS Vs Google Android”.

Now you have 3 major mobile smartphones that are being talked about so much of late which include the BlackBerry Storm, the T-Mobile G1 HTC Phone and of course the Apple iPhone 3G, these seem to be the most popular, all using different operating systems.

The Apple iPhone 3G uses Mac OS X, BlackBerry uses BlackBerry OS and the T-Mobile G1 HTC Phone uses Google Android. We could sit here and compare the lot but that would take ages and we might have a different opinion to what you have.

The best way to get to bottom of this is by letting you tell us; please let us know in the comments area provided below what you think is best out of different operation systems.


12 thoughts on “BlackBerry OS Vs Apple Mac OS Vs Google Android”

  1. i personally think that the google android is the best OS because its open to everyone and you can bend the phone at your will, the iphone is good but i think that it needs to add flash support and the android still needs some more features but come on its the first android, apple should have already fixed the video recording and flash already

  2. Gurly says:

    You’re assuming that people have tried all three OSs. I would suspect that most have only one of those. I have an iPhone, so of course I think it’s best. It’s ten thousand miles apart from the Palm Treo 600 which I’ve been using for years and still haven’t given up, for the simple reason that I have another account I use only for texting and voice — because that’s really all the Palm is good for. Of course I miss its text forwarding and select-cut-and-paste (added feature) and Docs-to-Go in my iPhone, and wish the iPhone had those, but those are small advantages compared to my enjoyment with the iPhone.

  3. rob says:

    WOW! just got the G1 AWESOME, What do i like the most. When i connect it to my mac HAHA iphone it shows up as a drive and i can drag and drop music, pics so easy. I was on the verizon network You can’t do anything with their phones… Also the android market awesome it already compares to the iphone market and it has only had what a week being up, come on the G1 rocks period!!!

  4. The iPhone is great as and iPod/mobile software platform. But is crippled as a phone. No media text messaging, you can’t forward contact details by text or email and texting multiple people could do with improvements.

    As to the other two OS’s, I like most people only have one phone and my guess is some lazy person posted this to try and get more advertising hits, rather than do any kind of research themselves.

  5. Ale says:

    It is still too early for this review, the BB Storm is still a promise with no launch date and the G1 has a week in the market, the Iphone has 1,5 years in the market, a revolutonary store wich is 6 months old, and of course the BB and G1 are trying to mimic the Iphone so the comparison is up to how well the copied the apple device…

  6. mack owen says:

    I haven’t tried the G-1 yet, so this comment is partially qualified. BUT …. I love my iPhone. Mostly I love its flexibility. Sure it’s a phone, iPod and email system, but it’s also a game system and productivity tool. How’s that? The App Store, of course, which I think is perhaps Apple’s greatest achievement. My iPhone is loaded with games, weather checkers, calculators, reference tools, books, and much, much more. I compare the iPhone to my previous phone – the Motorola Q, aka the “iDung” – and laugh. The iPhone is a world-changing development. Really. Truly.

  7. Brian Bloober says:

    It’s weird that alot of the things people think are missing from the iPhone are actually offered free or for very cheap in the app store. Docs to Go = tons of way better document managing programs available, Forwarding contact details = again there are like 5 or 6 different apps that offer this. Cut and paste is coming, so is flash and video.

    Blackberry OS = boring and unatractive
    Google Android = The Super Dork OS (ok it may hold more potential than OSX Mobile but it not nearly as user friendly, has some very strange quirks that make it “no sale” right away for most people and is so far wrapped in a horrible device most people but your IT Manager wouldn’t be caught dead using.
    Mac OSX = Easy, fun, looks and works great. (ok so there are a couple a things that need adding like cut and paste, etc. But they are coming. I for one am glad they didn’t rush them into the OS and end up with a buggy, crappy OS that didn’t work right, it’s all in the pipeline, they just want to get it right. It wins hands down in my opinon.

    And by the way I own a Blackberry (never use anymore) an iPhone (never, never leave my side) and two friends bought G1’s, so I got to try them out for awhile before they returned them because they were garbage wrapped in garbage + heavy and big.

  8. Tom says:

    Android might not be the best now. But with software updates it will be. And also it is the most nearly future-proof. In several years, Apple and Research In Motion might have trouble having to keep rolling out new hardware while Android will be free to all handset manufacturers leaving more people to work on the OS. At least that´s my opinion.

  9. Byron says:

    I agree that it’s too early to make this comparison.

    Putting that aside for now, it’ll be interesting to see how Android pans out. It vs iPhone paradigm kind of reminds me to Mac vs Windows. But again it’s too early to tell whether will be able to surpass the hurdles that may be present because it’s not tied to particular hardware. It seems that there is a lot responsibility put on the hardware companies and given the rather mediocre products that they have been pumping out over the years, it’ll be interesting to see if they succeed at implementation.

    One thing that I was wondering that I could see being a real mess is how app developers will be able to deal with the varying hardware spec’s that I suspect these companies will be using. For example will app interface design be hobbled by a one-size-fits-all approach or will there be multiple versions of a program? Or will Android phone offerings settle on a few sets of standard hardware spec’s?
    In other words, will the Apple approach of designing the whole widget, both software and hardware, still be an advantage.

  10. Erik says:

    I used a Blackberry for about 4 months, prior to getting the first gen iPhone and I now use a 2nd gen iPhone and my brother and sister in law have Blackberries which I laugh at every time I see them. Number one the little ball thing is stupid and so is the thumb wheel. The Blackberry OS is about as user friendly as Windows 3.1 and look like it too. I love watching them try to get Docs open or move from email to text message or deal with an incoming call while the are looking at email. The Blackberry is just silly. Very corporo-dork.

    The iPhone is definitely not perfect but it has yet to fail me. I agree with other posters that a little more open-ness would be nice, like drop and drag as a drive etc. however if keeping it closed keeps it stable then ALL HAIL STABLE!!!

  11. Femi says:

    Sadly All I can give is an opinion on the android. This seems like a fantastic and forward moving product, but was released way too early. I tried calling 150 TMobiles customer care and was met by a recording asking me to press 1 2 .. options. The android either needs to be opened or press the call button for keypad. Now 1st and foremost pressing any keys on this number does not work sooo you’ll be stuck in a loop trying to select an option. Then here comes the good part you have to try not to use it as a phone cause it’s a mini unix laptop. If you dare put it near ur ears and speak .. you will end up calling all sorts of random numbers as the phone rubs against ur ears. Then there is text massaging ooohhh.. TRY FORWARDING one to anybody but the person who sent it??? TRY saving a picture into ur pictures etc.. This product has not been tested using mobile phone 101 for dummies soo google I luv u guys to bits n all but… Wassup??

  12. james says:

    I have used an iPhone and a G1 and i have to say the android os is better hands down, its great. Plus with it being open source and all more and more apps come in everyday and mainy different apps that can replace Default apps, with iphone your stuck with stuff like safari and such but the g1 you can download chomp sms for a better text app, and opera mini for high speed internet 2g feels like wifi. Soon all the iphone apps will be on the g1, i love the comercial for the Shazm app for the iphone, since with my g1 i can do the same thing and its F-R-E-E, too bad i dont have my g1 anymore due to water damage D:

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