Nokia N-Gage not as good as iPhone 3G says EA

Electric Arts executive producer Chris Gibbs and the worldwide director of OEM Peter Parmenter talked very open about the performance of the Apple iPhone and the Nokia N-Gage platform. They both got on stage at Nokia’s summit in a keynote speech which was for them to point out some of the N-Gage system flaws.

Well let’s just say that they wasn’t shy about telling everyone what they thought of N-Gage and it wasn’t that impressive and they seemed to spend a lot of time saying how great the Apple iPhone was in comparison.

The N-Gage keynote speech by EA began relatively complimentary saying how the gaming as a whole overtook the music revenue in 2007, then Permender began correcting himself saying that “games are not the new music” then things just got worse for Nokia from there.

The two EA top dogs continued to barrage the N-Gage platform with remarks like the Apple iPhone delivers a “great eco-system for the distribution of great quality games”, whereas N-Gage can produce a somewhat jarred experience by comparison. They also went on to say that the Nokia N-Gage platform still has a few challenges to solve.

Source: T3