T-Mobile annoys customer: Are you having problems?

Oh dear, some irate T-Mobile G1 expectant is quite upset due to the fact that he has been expecting his bright new Google Android T-Mobile G1 handset to drop through his letterbox; However, upon contacting T-Mobile to check delivery status, he was informed that due to a representatives “error” he won’t be getting his much awaited T-Mobile G1 after all.

On asking if he could change it beings it hasn’t been shipped yet, the reply was …sure but it will an upfront cost to you that you must pay now.

Unfortunately said T-Mobile G1 hopeful wasn’t aware that in order to have the handset shipped to an address not on your billing address, T-Mobile charges you.

So the question is, why if an actual product hasn’t begun to ship, does it cost to simply have the shipping address changed? More so, as this was a T-Mobile representatives “error” in the first place shouldn’t T-Mobile stand the cost?

Anyone else having problems with T-Mobile?

Source — android community

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