Google G1 Vs iPhone Beauty or the Beast?

It’s no secret that Google’s first foray into the lucrative mobile phone market happened today in London, but what exactly can the Google G1 offer over the extremely popular iPhone 3G. Well for starters the iPhone wins hands down within the looks department, the Google G1 is the ugly duckling whereas the iPhone stunning sleek look is a must for many fashionista’s, however some may be put off by its popularity. But they say beauty is only skin deep and maybe the G1 beast will surprise us with its inner strengths.

Yes, the Google G1 does just that, the inner strength is how the G1 will attract the masses, with its Android open-source operating system which is partly developed by Google. The G1 definitely gets a ten out of ten for usability. It boasts a slightly better camera than the iPhone at three-megapixels but again just like the iPhone it cannot record video. It has a 3.2 inch touchscreen display and a slide out keyboard, although it must be said that the block on the right hand side of the unit and the ultra small keys do not sit pretty with keen typists.

It’s the operating systems and applications that really shine on the G1, the built in GPS works wonders with Google Maps, and for those of you who doesn’t know their north to their south you will find a handy internal compass allowing you to know which your heading at all times.

The G1 accesses the internet with high speed via the 3G phone network and Wi-Fi. The User interface is pretty good, you can move across the page by moving your fingers across the G1’s touchscreen, if you want to access the Google search bar this can be done with just one click and even when you are in another program.

The Android operating system shines in many ways, one is that the potential for improvements are huge, with the platform open to developers allowing them to create countless applications for the mobile handsets. We believe the Google G1 is much more a pocket computer than a mobile phone.

So for that reason I think it will attract a different type of consumer to the iPhone, the Apple smartphone is desirable accessory for the fashionista among us that a complex Smartphone, many iPhone users probably have no clue as to the phones capabilities. Whereas the T-Mobile G1 users will be buy it for just that, to use the G1 in every way possible and if that’s as a pocket computer then so be it.

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