T-Mobile Google G1 sells in UK as America slash the price

The T-Mobile Google G1 android touchscreen landed today in London and is said to be the number one competitor with the Apple iPhone. Although with Research in Motion hot on it’s heals with the launch of the BlackBerry Storm we believe these three smartphones will be in the top three categories.

Thousands of gadget loves in Britain are expected to rush to be first in line for the G1. But it’s a different story in the US were the Google handset was on sale yesterday already retailers are slashing the price of the smartphone to boost the sales.

The Google mobile comes free with a £40 a month contract exclusively with T-Mobile and the G1 boasts several high-end features including wireless internet and global satellite positioning as well as several built in Google applications.

As Google move into the lucrative mobile phone market taking on rivals such as BlackBerry, Apple, Nokia and Microsoft we wonder if it really will compete with these smartphone giants. Well the proof is in the pudding so let’s see how the sale figures compare in the fourth quarter.

Source: Guardian