Text addicts: 6.5 billion texts (SMS) sent a month

You either love texting or hate it, but as research from the Mobile Data Association shows the British are texting 217 million texts a day, so the general assumption is yes we are a nation of texters.

Some will say that it we prefer to text so we can save money on the phone call with the credit crunch eating away at our empty pockets, others would say you can say what you want in a text what you haven’t the front to say to someone basically text has become a cop-out for many. Personally I text for ease and to save time.

The data also showed that there we are sending on average 60 million more text messages a day this year than last year, with this year’s figures ranking up to about 6.5 billion texts a month, plus we are sending around 1.5 million picture and video messages every day.

What do you love or hate about texting? do you prefer to text than talk? whats the worse text you were ever sent?

Source: pocketlint

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