Apple blocks Opera for iPhone from App Store

Opera Software, who distributes the Opera browser across multiple platforms, is apparently being blocked from becoming a version for the Apple iPhone by Apple not allowing the Opera iPhone app into the Apple App Store.

Mr. von Tetzchner said that Opera’s engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won’t let the company release it because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser.

This could be something to do with the Javascript interpreter, or Apple restricting applications which compete with their built in iPhone applications such as Safari. With Apple restricting apps, especially alternative browsers, iPhoner will probably not be seeing an alternative such as FireFox anywhere on the Apple App Store very soon.

Source — nytimes


4 thoughts on “Apple blocks Opera for iPhone from App Store”

  1. iJah420 says:

    No need for 2 browsers on the iPhone.

    Safari works and it’s in it’s infancy.

    Why muddy the waters? Opera only adds to the confusion of which browser is better and needless to say adds potential problems when it comes to the internet. ie. security, add-ons, plugins file types etc….

    I’m with Apple on this one.

    Lets just do a hypothetical shall we…..

    Lets say Apple allows Opera on iPhone. OK?

    Now after 6 months some ass bag pc hacker figures out a way to exploit the iPhone thru “Opera”….. AND takes every iPhone with Opera installed out of commission FOR GOOD!!! ie. BRICKED iPhone ………see where I’m going with this???


    huh? WHO?

    If it came down to it……. Opera OEM would pass the blame to AAPL for not doing this or didn’t do that or Apple didn’t give us this or did not tell us about that…… WELL YOU KNOW WHAT I SAY!@#$ Opera MAKE YOUR OWN iPhone!!!!!! Safari works just fine THANK YOU and it’s only going to get BETTER.

    WAH WAH WAH all you want there is NO NEED for another browser on iPhone.

    iJah420 says I qustion you this….. How many word processors does it take to write (1) letter?

  2. Fatso says:

    This is not about safari vs. opera — it is about Apple using it’s power to monopolize a market and squeeze out ANY competition. There are several halfbaked offerings on App Store which could cause all kinds of security or performance issues on the iPHONE, but by stopping Opera, which together with Firefox has been in the forefront of browser developments and security for years, and is truly well programmed, Apple is just showing it’s true colors. This is the “ugly corporate troll” beginning to the end for Apple, time to sell their stocks again and wait 10 years for their next cycle…

  3. jack says:

    there is no need to block a competing browser. apples safari comes pre-installed on the iphone anyway so its not exactly like opera is taking business away from apple by releasing a new browser.

  4. stevo says:

    Well if apple let opera in as an app then it would support flash which would hurt apples app profit greatly people could use flash apps this is apples biggest threat

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