Vodafone falsely claims fastest broadband operation says Advertising Standards Agency

Three complaints made about a recent ad campaign by Vodafone have been upheld by the Advertising Standards Agency; said complaints related to Vodafone adverts which promoted Vodafone’s mobile broadband service.

The main reason was the boast that Vodafone offered “The fastest, most reliable mobile broadband in the galaxy. Only £15 a month.” A member of the public along the 3 and T-Mobile made the complaints stating that Vodafone has no right to claim to be the fastest mobile broadband operator.

The Advertising Standards Agency requested LLC International to find out if Vodafone’s claims to be the fastest held any substance, the result was LLC International found competitor broadband services were actually faster than Vodafone’s for downloading a page in 6 out of 10 regions.

Source — pocket-lint

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