Mac remote access through your iPhone with iGet Mobile

iGet Mobile Is a remote Apple Mac access software that is used with the iPhone, iPod Touch and other web-capable devices. The iGet Mobile software allows you to have your personal web interface so you can access your documents remotely and at the same time makes various types of data more accessible on your iPhone or other web-compatible device.

iGet Mobile 2.0.1 is released to combat several performance issues and bugs it discovered since version 2.0 was released. You will have on the new version of iGet Mobile a feedback command this will automatically collect system information to help sort out problems you might face.

iGet Mobile was designed with the iPhone in mind you can use this program to access you Apple Mac from any decent web-capable device according to their CEO. You can also get version 2.0.1 of iGet Mobile directly now from the company’s website. You will need Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Source: prmac

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