BlackBerry Bold 9000: All you need to know

Research in Motion (RIM) is responsible for the introduction on the BlackBerry Bold the first ever BlackBerry to have 3G HSDPA technology. It will also sport a better screen resolution that previous models. You will also be-able to open and view your Microsoft Office files, due to a new technology on the Bold it will utilize DataViz documents to Go, basically allowing you to view your Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents as they are meant to be viewed, as if from your computer at home.

With the BlackBerry Bold screen being 480 x 320 you will be able to watch mobile video comfortably and view your emails much easier than before. The Bold also is the first to include BlackBerry 4.6 operating system.

You will also find GPS and WiFi on the bold as well as a 624 MHz processor. With RIM bringing out lots of new features and generally being the first to do such things it keeps BlackBerry smartphones as the most popular smartphone for business users and in such a competitive market with companies like Apple, Nokia and Google all with a slice of the pie they have to continue with new and innovative ideas if they want to stay at the top of their game.

Source: pressmeldungen

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