Samsung A867 Eternity Photos and Specs leaked

The Samsung A867 Eternity is due to hit AT&T, and it looks as it will be sooner rather than later because several user guide shots have been leaked to the net which virtually lets everyone know what the Samsung A867 Eternity looks like along with some informative specs.

The Samsung A867 Eternity sports a 3 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, with the ability to take photos in 3mp, 2mp 1mp and also 0.3 and w3mp, and has the ability for taking still photos and videos in two modes.

The Eternity features a multitask key which will launch the multitask menus that provides access to the most common features such as call, main menu, Media net and messaging, and music player.

For more screens and specs nip over to the source.

Source — cellphonesignal

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