Barack Obama loves BlackBerry 8700, get the Bold President please

With Barack Obama being elected as the 44th President of the United States and taking over from George Bush and beating opposition John McCain we really do think that he should update his BlackBerry! Surely the two go hand-in-hands upgraded to President of America and upgraded to RIM’s BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Although it’s good to see Obama is a fan of the BlackBerry clearing showing all in the photo above with his BlackBerry 8700 clipped to his belt, but you would have thought the US government would have provided him with his upgrade by now.

Ok, we know he has been a busy man, but they should upgrade President Elect Obama to the super smart BlackBerry Bold that sports GPS and WiFi, a quick 624mHz processor, he can view all his important documents on the 480 x 320 high resolution display, the Bold also runs on BlackBerry OS 4.6 allowing Obama to work with Research in Motions (RIM) best mobile operating systems.

Source: CrackBerry

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