Google Android has a reboot problem

Google G1 users watch out for this one, as it is a serious problem on the Google Android platform, when texting your friends, emailing your business colleagues don’t whatever you do type the word “reboot” in your text as the G1 will take this as a command a reboot the system.

According to CNET Google are aware of this huge security flaw and already pressing on to fix it, the problem began because Android using super-user priviliges sends all texts straight to the operating system.

As we all know the T-Mobile G1 is the first entry into the mobile phone market for Google, and like with all companies who release their first product they generally get teething problems and normally by the second time round they have all the problems covered. We said before the T-Mobile G1 has lots of potential, however it also seem to have its fair share of problems, but for a company that not only is new to the phone business but has its first model out we don’t think they are doing to badly at all.

Source: Blogs.forbes

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