Phones 4u ordered to improve selling methods by Ofcom

Ofcom has given the all clear to Phones 4u to continue trading but has been force to make commitments in 4 areas to make sure they improve their selling methods. Phones 4u were targeted by Ofcom for miss-selling after an estimated 2,000 complaints were received in 3 months about Phones 4u.

Phones 4u has now clarified their sales practice and has updated their cashback policy to be more transparent and has also bettered their policy on returns. After the 6 month Ofcom investigation, Phones 4u were asked to improve their sales process which was found to be in breach of consumer protection laws.

The 4 areas that needed improving were… Unfair terms in their handset return policy Unfair terms contained in cashback schemes Misleading, false or deceptive representations or omissions to consumers about matters such as network coverage in particular areas, or what was included in their mobile phone plan Did not provide customers with a refund when they returned faulty handsets within a reasonable period of time, that were purchased directly from Phones 4u.

Source — mobiletoday

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