BlackBerry Storm Vs Apple iPhone App store contest

We have seen all the comparables with the BlackBerry Storm Vs iPhone and the iPhone Vs T-Mobile G1 smartphones, but what about the top dog with the app stores?

With the door being swung open with the launch of the BlackBerry Storm on Vodafone you would have thought RIM would have had a BlackBerry Storm Application storefront ready to open at the same time, unfortunately due to a few teething problems we won’t see the Research in Motions (RIM) Storm store open until March 2009, so until then you will need to download your BlackBerry apps via the on-line application centre on the device which is completely controlled by Vodafone the network operator.

So at present there is not much more to say with both the Apple App store and the Android market open already, we believe that the Storm needs some catching up to do, although BlackBerry will give the Google G1 and Apple iPhone a run for their money.


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