LG Renoir and Cookie mini website guides launched

LG is using the web to showcase features on two of their new mobile handsets, and have launched two separate websites for the LG Cookie and LG Renoir. With the launch of both of these websites, LG intends to educate retail staff and prospective customers on just how to operate the LG Renoir and LG Cookie mobile phones.

Both the LG Renoir and LG Cookie mobile handset hit stores last month, so LG believe these two new informative mini website guides should be of help to customer and retail staff alike.

The LG Cookie website is divided into two sections, “Watch” and “Touch” while the LG Renoir website offers 3 features to the user, “Sound” “Sight” and “Touch.”

LG Renoir

LG Cookie

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8 thoughts on “LG Renoir and Cookie mini website guides launched”

  1. nikki says:

    my boyfriend bought me this phone from carphone ware house,(£98 for phn only as i already had 02 sim an u still get £12 credit free! although takes a week to come thru) as a xmas present yesterday hehe but i couldnt wait for it so he caved in an gave it to me,i was soo looking forward to getting this phone an i am sooo happy with it i read all reviews on here an others, ive had no problems with phone what so ever the camera is quite good alot of people said it was rubbish(depends on wot kinda phone you had before i had samsung g600,also ive played around with the lg viewty an to be honest preferred this phone its lighter,slimmer an functions etc are pretty much same as the viewty.lg cookie phone is better lookin,my boyfriend loves it too he`s gonna get himself one!i never put the phone down at all yesterday its pretty easy to use overall, the qwerty board texting is little tricky to use if like me u dont have super slim fingers!!i was a bit dubious cos i txt alot and quite fast but this phone is great for that i had no problem i just used the keypad instead of the qwerty board or handwriting screen(which is quite cool/fun to use too)i`ve put videos on too which have come out good quality,pictures are good quality also,best phone ive had to be honest up to now,ive played around with new sony phones samsung,nokia an this phone is wicked value for money and looks fab!!for those of you who are gettin for xmas its defo worth the wait!!(lol unfortunately i couldnt!!)

  2. Melihat konsep yg ditawarkan LG lewat KP500 Cookie. Dan dgn pitur yg disuntikan ini bisa jadi alternatif bagi yg tdk mencukupi budget utk memiliki Iphone .untk marilah kita pitur pitur yg dibawanya . Layar 3.0 inc layar sentuh camera 3.2 pix. Dan pitur lain seperti pemutar musik dan applikasi berbasis Java. Soala kinerja masih stardart tunjuk kwlitias camera walau 3.2 pix .kalah jauh dibanding K800i Sonyericsson. belum lagi tidak ada sokongan OS ini bisa jadi penghambat pasar.

  3. I think that the LG Renoir looks fatter(dare I say ) than the of cookie even the the LG Renoir does have an 8 mega pixal camera. Though the Renoir has the same style as the cookie the phone does not look as nice as the cookie, I think 🙂 ( forgive me ) that the the LG Renoir looks more metalic and {plasticy} than the cookie. Looks are somewhat not important though as the LG Renoir has better software : 8 mgpx camera, gps trAcking system, Dolby sound quality, divx movies, xenon flash, scheider ( or somet like that ) lense, touchscreen, drawing on pics, is around £200/£300(which is pretty good considering an iPod only plays music and is the same price) and more whereas the LG cookie has : 3.2 mgpx camera, touchscreen, flash, great immediate touch technology, amazing looks and is around £100!!!!!!!!
    :):) I’m gonna have to say that the LG RENOIR has the best tech although the LG COOKIE kp500 has the best looks
    They both have stylus’ too LG RENOIR phone charm LG COOKIE in the phone bottom right on the side
    Please note this a review/judgment(personal not official) *wave* I would give( out of 100% ) the LG RENOIR 90% as it’s looks in a way as being chunky and shiny, and the LG COOKIE 60% as it’s tech fails it slightly. Thnx 4 readin /U(Â¥

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