Tomorrow is BlackBerry Storm Day: Are you looking forward to it?

Yes the time is here, the BlackBerry Storm becomes available tomorrow. So are you one of the BlackBerry fans looking forward to holding your new BlackBerry Storm?

Are you eagerly waiting to have a go at the world’s first clickable touch-screen? And the renowned BlackBerry email experience the BlackBerry name is so famous for? There’s been much hype over the coming of the BlackBerry Storm, so one wonders if it can actually live up to all the hype and geek coverage its been given.

Having seen a few launches lately I’d have to say none match the euphoria of the Apple iPhone 3G, the closest hype to that was the T-Mobile G1 which in the end simply slipped out in virtual silence, so will the BlackBerry Storm go the was of the iPhone or will skulk in like the G1?

Are you looking forward to the BlackBerry Storm? What are your views? What do you expect from the BlackBerry Storm?



4 thoughts on “Tomorrow is BlackBerry Storm Day: Are you looking forward to it?”

  1. Alx says:

    So much for preordering, ordered on day one, and Vodafone keep changing their story as to when I can expect to receive this, the latest is “We sincerely apologise, but unfortunately the handset in question is currently out of stock, we expect to receive stock in on the 17th November and will then fulfil your order.” 🙁 Anyone else preordered online??

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