Video: WiMAX packing HTC MAX 4G

We’ve seen a few HTC mobile phones popping up lately such as the Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD and of course the Google Android T-Mobile G1, and just recently they announced the HTC MAX 4G WiMAX toting handset.

HTC along with Scartel have optimised the HTC MAX 4G for the Russian market and is expected to become available in Russia by 26th of November, however a couple of Russian mobile enthusiasts managed to bag themselves a MAX 4G and made a video.

First off, the video is in Russian so it’s quite difficult or near impossible to understand unless you are a linguist, which I’m not. The video is about 4:33 long and goes on to compare side by side the HTC MAX 4G and the Apple iPhone 3G.

HTC MAX 4G video below

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