Asus P565 the fastest smartphone in the world, Want one?

The guys at Asus who are behind the extremely popular Asus EEE PC range have now come up with a smartphone, the P565 Windows 6.1 with a speedy 800MHz Marvel CPU which makes this Asus device the fastest smartphone in the world.

But this mighty Asus P565 smartphone packs a whole lot of punches including a VGA touchscreen 480 x 640, GPS, WiFi and HSDPA.

Without being a party pooper there are a couple of negatives, it is pretty chunky compares to other smartphones this could be overlooked if it packed a full QWERTY keyboard but it doesn’t, also the HSDPA is not at 7.2Mbit instead is registered only at 3.2Mbit. Talk time on the Asus P565 is four hours with standby at 250 hours.

So do you want one of these Asus P565 smartphones? Well unfortunately we are not giving one away, so sorry about that, however if Asus wants to send us one we would be happy to do a full hands on review and give it away. But until then we can only tell you this device is rumoured to be launched this year, at this time we have no information on price, but as always we will keep you posted.

Source: trustedreviews

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