Apple Sued: Have you had cracks on iPhone 3G?

Another lawsuit hits Apple over the Apple iPhone 3G’s performance on the AT&T network, this time a 23 page suit was filed in a New York district court by Nassau County resident Avi Koschitzki.

This new lawsuit joins the 4 earlier filed this year which accuse Apple and AT&T with misrepresenting the iPhone 3G’s performance by advertising it is “twice as fast” as the original Apple iPhone.

The claim is that due to overloading of the 3G network an iPhoner is only on 3G for a few minutes before being pushed over to the slower EDGE network. Furthermore, Koschitzki also states that he and several other iPhone customers have notice hairline cracks appearing in the iPhone casing and camera module.

Any of our iPhone packing readers noticed any hairline cracks?

Source — appleinsider

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