BlackBerry Storm (RIM) and Vodafone fail to deliver

You waited all that time for Research in Motions BlackBerry Storm on Vodafone and then the great big launch finally came in London this weekend, and you rushed to the shops to find no BlackBerry Storm, did this happen to you?

Thousands of BlackBerry fans who went to the smaller Vodafone stores were stuck with the choice of the BlackBerry Bold, Pearl or the BlackBerry Curve.

Vodafone have said although there were problems with stock they were receiving the Storm through the weekend, and it was a logistic problem that caused the smaller stores to not receive the BlackBerry Storm in time.

There were 70,000 BlackBerry Storms pre-ordered, and Vodafone retail staff has said there was an overwhelming response to the new touchscreen from BlackBerry.

However Phones 4you retail shops said that that they were only sent two BlackBerry Storm handsets in most of their stores, it seems that Research in Motion (RIM) should start working a little faster on getting the Storm out if it wants to beat iPhone sales.

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4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm (RIM) and Vodafone fail to deliver”

  1. Bretters says:

    That’s not the real story. Go to the vodafone eforum for the Storm and witness the bloodbath of complaints about poor build quality, software, battery and reception issues. Not only is the phone not available, it doesn’t perform when you do get your hands on it and lots are going back within the 14 day cooling off period. Jees, you’d think a journalist could do some research!

  2. theavenger says:

    well bretters this is the first i have heard any complaints about it. from what i have heard is the exact opposite. but then i im not in europe so really i get an updated OS out of the box when it launches here. as for build quality battery and reception i have heard all positives there. supose i will have to check out vodafones forum but honestly i have a had time believing its that bad

  3. Bretters says:

    I can apreciate your scepticism but here’s no need to take my word for it. Check out the Vodafone UK eForum for the Storm. I am hoping, as I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my Storm, that they are isolated incidents but the themes emerging from the posts suggest that this is a prematurely released product.

  4. Johnr says:

    I received mine last Saturday & I returned it to Vodafone today.
    Mine worked okay on Saturday but would not power up on Sunday until I removed the battery.
    The touchscreen then only worked now & then.
    Also the Desktop Manager software that ships with it would not fully install!
    It will be a good phone once they have ironed out all the bugs.

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