Nokia reaffirms commitment to TD-SCDMA

Today at the Mobile Asia Congress in Macau, Nokia has reaffirmed their commitment to TD-SCDMA. The president of Nokia China, Colin Giles, has firmly stated that Nokia supports the development of TD-SCDMA and that it is Nokia’s goal to develop TD0SCDMA products.

Chairman and CEO of China Mobile, Wang Jianzhou, said: “We look forward to working together with Nokia to further drive TD-SCDMA development in China.”

By launching the S60-based TD-SCDMA device, Nokia unites Symbian’s enormous resources with the market opportunities provided by TD-SCDMA. The current S60 on Symbian OS applications will be compatible with S60-based TD-SCDMA devices, offering enriched experiences to China’s TD-SCDMA users.

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