Unify4Life BlackBerry AV Remote Review

What Unify4Life is, is a company which is transforming BlackBerry smartphones into universal remote controls for AV equipment such as lights, garage doors, virtually anything you require a remote control for Unify4Life wants to help you control it via your BlackBerry smartphone.

What Unify4Life ofer is an AV Hub which talks to your BlackBerry smartphone through Bluetooth and communicates with your AV equipment through infrared.

Unify4Life also categorise your equipment via activities, meaning when the user is in Movies Activity mode, the screen shows the user just the buttons that they would need: buttons to fast forward and backwards for the DVD player, but also the volume for the AV system.

Furthermore, one feature with Unify4Life is to allow multiple BlackBerry smartphones to be added to an account so the family isn’t kept waiting for one particular BlackBerry to come home.

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