Nokia E71 becomes Nokia E71x with AT&T eventually

The Nokia E71, there has been rumour and whisper about the Nokia E71 coming to the AT&T network, a super special E71 edition carrying an AT&T ROM, but no concrete evidence that it was going to happen, some rumours even said it was dead in the water.

However, new found hope that there is to be a North American S60 Nokia E71 comes in the form a few in-the-wild shots, and give a much needed boost of evidence that the Nokia E71 may still come to AT&T.

But if it does happen, the new AT&T Nokia E71 will emerge as the Nokia E71x, which is a new suffix at Nokia but we have no idea what it relates to. The word is the AT&T Nokia E71x may command a price tag of around $150.00 when or if it ever comes out.

Source — BGR

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