RIM Blackberry Storm: All the reviews you need

On Friday the BlackBerry Storm, Verizon and RIM’s answer to the Apple iPhone stormed into the public arena, and as you would expect the blogsphere and newspapers were storming with BlackBerry Storm news. So let’s take a quick look at a few of the top ones…

First up we have Walt Mossberg. The Wall Street Journal. BlackBerry’s Storm Presses Into the Touch-Phone Fray: Mossberg likes the high-resolution camera which does video, the replaceable battery, the ability to cut-and-paste, the push e-mail, the corporate security features and Verizon’s 3G network which is an improvement over AT&T’s. but disliked the so-called SurePress touchscreen.

Next is Yardena Arar. PC World. BlackBerry’s Storm: Awkward and Disappointing: who basically say that Research In Motion’s decision to go with the Storm’s capacitive touch screen is way too confusing than helpful. Ultimately, the Storm’s touch interface feels like a failed experiment.

Then we have BGR The Boy Genius Report. Verizon BlackBerry Storm review: who say that the good thing is that the Storm is a BlackBerry and once past the initial hiccups it will be a great smartphone with excellent email and good media player.

Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky is next with BlackBerry Storm review: who goes on to say, The Storm is gorgeous, designed and backed by RIM it incorporates features that on first glance not only make it seem as good as the iPhone but better. Only hiccup is it’s not as enjoyable or as consistent as the Apple iPhone.

Finally, Daniel Dumas. Wired.com. RIM’s First Touchscreen Device Almost Eclipses the iPhone: who states, WIRED Click screen is a revelation, converts iTunes to BlackBerry media, GSM card means the Storm is a globetrotter. Posh fit and finish. But a tired OS lag, scrolling through menus is jagged pokey and slow, lack of WiFi is lame and even lamer is control by Verizon.

There’s the professional views, what about the Storm’s owner, what do you think?

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