Video: Apple iPhone as Wii-mote style controller with iGolf

Are you an Apple iPhone owner who enjoys a round of golf? Then you may well love iFun for the iPhone. Social Gaming Network is the company behind Apple iPhone games such as WarBook, Street Race and many more, and they have now devised a revolutionary way by which the Apple iPhone can be used by the iPhoner in a Wii-mote style for PC gaming.

All the iPhoner requires is the iFun Golf application from the Apple iTunes App Store, then log into the SGN website and create an account from your computer, then simply play the game, but remember you will require either a 3G or WiFi connection.

The current game available is iGolf which utilises the Apple iPhone’s accelerometer and works as a remote controller for the web based game in a desktop browser. To show you just how it works we have a video demonstration below…

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