Need a few bucks? Sue Apple over the iPhone

The season of good will towards all men doesn’t seem to apply in the cutthroat world of the mobile phone, and especially towards Apple as yet again Apple find themselves facing 2 new lawsuits, one whereby the Apple iPhone is infringing browser patent, and another about promised Apple iPhone 3G capabilities.

It appears Apple lawyers are going to have a busy holiday trying to sort out more cash busting legal claims as a patent infringement suit is dished out by one Elliot Gottfurcht. The second lawsuit was filed by Peter Keller who is seeking $5 million in restitution by claiming the Apple iPhone 3G suffers from poor performance along with sluggish speed, and thus breaches the warranty of service.

Ok, so here’s how I see this…Apple is a big company and although can afford these lawsuits must be getting rather tired of these people continually bringing them into court simply because they want cash for nothing. I mean come on $5 million because you think the iPhone is sluggish?

Where will all this end? If successful how many more cash hungry public will try the same route to grab an easy buck. It’s about time the courts said enough is enough and put a stop to these ridiculous lawsuits.

Source — internetnews

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