BlackBerry Storm Accessories: All Storm fans need them

The Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm is now sweeping its way into BlackBerry fans hands, in the UK on Vodafone and in the US on Verizon Wireless. So now that people have RIM’s latest BlackBerry baby what they need is a few BlackBerry accessories.

There are no doubt many accessories for the Verizon BlackBerry Storm, and obviously we can’t possibly round them all up here, but we will mention a few that Storm fans should be able to find out in the BlackBerry world.

For the BlackBerry Storm you can get screen protectors, or how about a Bluetooth headset, a new skin, a charger or even desktop charging pod, a carry case, and obviously the BlackBerry Storm fan is going to need a media card. Whatever you need to accessorise your new Verizon BlackBerry Storm you can probably find via a Verizon Wireless store or online.

Of course if you happen to locate a unique BlackBerry Storm accessory be sure to let us know.

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