Motorola D10 and D11 digital cordless phones with eco mode

Motorola has announced the launch of their range of digital cordless phones the Motorola D10 and Motorola D11 which have been developed with the environment in mind. The Motorola D10 and D11 auto-optimise output depending on just how far the cordless handset is from its base.

Motorola D10 and D11 users can enable intelligent “eco mode” that required less battery power and thus increase talk time, and the materials used to constructs the Motorola D10 and D11 are a minimum of 20 percent recyclable

The Motorola D10 offers a big amber coloured backlit “easy read” display, while the Motorola D11 offers an illuminated 4cm full colour screen. Both Motorola handsets are ultra-slim, a unique “glow-ring” which pulsates to indicate missed calls, messages and other events, polyphonic ringtones, handsfree speakerphone and 100-entry phonebooks.

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