RIM BlackBerry Storm unlocked for T-Mobile

Whilst some BlackBerry fans are enjoying Thanksgiving, we thought we would drag you away from your butterball turkey for 5 minutes as we have some really exciting news about Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry Storm touchscreen smartphone.

A guy over on HoFo has managed to unlock his BlackBerry Storm allowing it to work on T-Mobile’s GSM network, we think this is pretty hot news considering the Storm has only been out a week or so, he managed to do it by sourcing a SIM unlock code from Verizon Wireless then he updated the Storm with software intended for the BlackBerry Bold.

But he does warn that you will not be-able to use T-Mobiles 2G voice network and the Verizon 3G data connection at the same time.

Not only that we have some more hot BlackBerry Storm news from the Boy Genius who has reported that within a week or so we will be getting two firmware updates for the Storm.

Source: engadgetmobile


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