Samsung i780 re-launched with the BizBee range

Samsung have launched a new range of smartphones aimed at the business community called the BizBee, the first smartphone of the Samsung BizBee family is the Samsung i780 which has already been launched but very poorly, it will now be re-launched in the UK, Netherlands, Nordics and Spain this month with the new Windows Mobile 6.1 and a much larger screen.

Samsung BizBee range is targeted for business users to help find solutions for their busy professional lives on the go. The Samsung i780 sports a QWERTY keyboard plus all-in-one connectivity, it’s aimed at a business user that uses the mobile phone heavily and someone travels frequently.

The advertising Campaign behind the BizBee range of Samsung Smartphone’s has the slogan ‘This is my Office’ and shows a woman mile away from her office on a secluded desert.

Source: engadgetmobile

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