Video: Apple iPhone rip-off Meizu M8 gets video treatment

The Meizu M8 yes that much talked about Chinese Apple iPhone rip-off, well much talked about by Meizu’s J. Wong anyway has put together a series of videos lauding up the Meizu M8.

Actually the videos are independent demos from Chinese retailer CNMO.com who has set up a YouTube channel to show off 10 videos looking at the Meizu M8 which you can find by hitting up the here.

The videos show that the M8’s touch-screen seems to need a touch of patience, and the camera looks to be a tad sluggish. As for the interface, well it is kind of slick, but then we all know which well know mobile phone Meizu got that from don’t we.


One thought on “Video: Apple iPhone rip-off Meizu M8 gets video treatment”

  1. kada says:

    You should add that this is an early beta unit, not the final version. But then that wouldn’t fare well with the bias you obviously have against the device.

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