Apple iPhone rip-off Meizu M8 gets reviewed

Well folks can you believe it has actually taken Meizu 2 years to finally push out their Apple iPhone rip-off the Meizu M8 smartphone, so one would expect it to be somewhere near a contender to the iPhone wouldn’t one?

Well according to IT168’s full review the Meizu M8 seems to be keeping up with promises with the exception of a few faults that is. Faults such as an “ear piercing” integrated speaker along with a problem running 3rd-party Windows CE apps.

Apparently the 3.4 inch touch-screen received high marks and the performance was speedy while the 3 megapixel camera looks to be able to take good photos. So the Meizu M8 seems to be a solid handset, but to be honest, my personal view is if they had to rip —off the iPhone the Meizu isn’t worth looking as and isn’t even a contender.

Source — it168

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