Vice president: Nokia N97, Linux and Google Android

It’s no secret that Nokia unveiled its new mighty Nokia N97 smartphone in Barcelona this week, but Ukko Lappalainen Nokia’s vice president also said that we may be seeing Linux on many more of their phones, as well as the Google Android open-source platform.

Although Lappalainen didn’t confirm that they would be using the Linux on-board instead of the Symbian on the new high end Nokia N97 he made it pretty clear that it was a probable chose for the future.

On a niche number of internet tablets Nokia has used Linux maemo, but there have been no visible signs that Nokia are looking to expand the use of maemo to its other handsets like the Eseries or Nseries.

Nokia also said they would prefer to use Linux maemo rather than the Google android platform even though it is based on Linux stating they he couldn’t see that the Google Android would be any better than the Linux Maemo.

Source: unwiredview

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