2GB mobile DRAM being developed by Hynix Semiconductor Inc

The world’s first 2GB mobile DRAM using 54mm process tech is being claimed by Hynix Semiconductor Inc, and is said to provide two time as much storage over the present 1GB mobile solution, (well yeah, 2GB against 1GB would be twice as much) which is the highest density offering of mobile DRAM at present.

Max operating speed of the 2GB DRAM is 400Mbps as 1.2V power supply and will process up to 1.6GB of data per second with a 32 bit I/O, and is claimed to consume less power.

The new 2GB DRAM meets all the tech requirements for mobile products including fast operating speed, low power consumption, small size, high memory density, and meets the JEDEC standard. Hynix Semiconductor Inc, will begin mass production in the first half of 09.

Source — techon

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