Scosche reviveLITE Apple iPhone charging dock

Seems like these days everything is having an Apple iPhone and Apple iPod dock slapped onto it; if it can be plugged in, stick a dock on it and market it.

Scosche have an Apple iPhone and Apple iPod dock available called the reviveLITE, which is basically a nightlight with an Apple iPhone dock slapped onto its side, and they even call it cordless simple because it plugs direct into a mains socket.

Why would anyone want to fork out Scosche’s ridiculous $40.00 price just for an iPhone dock that has been tagged onto an everyday run of the mill nightlight is beyond me. But then again, these marketing people, if they can slap the word iPhone onto an item they believe it will sell buckets, it’s called cashing in on a brand name.

Source — scosche

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