Surgeon Amputated a Boy’s Arm via Text (SMS) Mobile Phone Instructions

A Welsh surgeon, who had volunteered his services in war-torn Congo, began an emergency life-saving operation using text message instructions on his mobile phone from a surgeon 3,000 miles away.

The 16 year old boy had his arm bitten off by a Hippo and it had become severely infected, he got rushed to the hospital and David Nott the Welsh Volunteer surgeon performed the operation.

Although Mr Nott was an experience cardiovascular surgeon, the operation he needed to perform on the boy was something that he was not familiar with, so he had to call his colleague to text him through the operation. Mr Nott couldn’t call Professor Thomas as he was on vacation in the Azores and them only form of communication was through SMS text.

The good news is that the Text operation was a success, Mr Nott had said it was the most dangerous operation he had ever completed, My Nott had also treated former British Prime Minister Tony Blair back in 2003.

Source: BBC

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