Etre Touchy Gloves Hands-on Review: Touchscreen Heaven

Now when we were sent these “Etre Touchy Gloves” we actually thought these would come under the novelty category, now come on a pair of gloves with the thumb and index finger part missing, that why we said “Are you serious?

To tell you the truth these are fantastic, now on a personal note I have been out and about and this time of year is pretty cold in the UK and using my Apple iPhone 3G in this weather is a nightmare, especially when trying to write an email.

I thought “What the hell lets try these Etre Touchy Gloves out and see what they are like” well to my surprise instead of having freezing hands I just had a cold thumb and index finger, in fact didn’t really take much notice really seeing as most of your hands are covered.

These Etre Touchy gloves are NOT a novelty because they really do the job well, they are stylish, keep your hands warm whilst using any touchscreen device (In my case the Apple iPhone 3G and most of all keeps your hands dry. Now most touchscreen devices works on the basis of finger touch via heat, so wearing modern day full gloves will not work when touching touchscreen devices, so what the hell cut two fingers of the gloves and wahey you have the perfect touchscreen quality accessory. Fingerless gloves do pretty much exactly the opposite: Their missing fingertips allow you to operate modern touch-screen devices and provide the dexterity necessary to avoid fat-fingering hell. But they don’t keep your hands snug and dry. No fingertips mean cold, wet and dirty digits, which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a pair of gloves in the first place.

I actually love these gloves and would definitely recommend them to anyone using touchscreen devices, they are normal gloves with the main fingertips missing, simple but clever. I know they work well when I am using my iPhone and it means I do not have to keep taking off standard full gloves to use my phone every two-seconds, I use my phone pretty often as so do many of you and wearing normal gloves in NOT an option for us, but these do the job well which means I can keep the gloves on and use my phone at the same time. Can you now see why I have called these Etre Touchy gloves, Touchscreen Heaven? Got to love this catchphrase “So get yourself a pair o’ Touchy and stick two fingers up to technology”

Honestly we say you should buy these Etre Touchy gloves because, not only are they stylish, comfortable, fashionable, does the job well, allows you to use touchscreen devices, because they are also very cheap indeed. BUY now for only £14.99 GBP (inc. P&P), (Approximately USD22.06 or EUR17.41) via www.etretouchy.com Please take a look at the photos below

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