HTC Touch HD gets response time hot fix

Apparently there is a slight problem some HTCers are facing with their HTC Touch HD, whereby the HTC Touch HD occasionally stops responding, but not to worry because HTC has been hard at work to quickly push out a “hot fix.”

So if you are indeed experiencing this problem with your HTC Touch HD, there is now a new “hot fix” available to download on HTC’s support page which enhances the system response time.

The “hot fix” description says…“Sometimes the screen stops responding for about 3 to 5 seconds when running an application that needs to use the stylus to click the screen repeatedly within a short time. For example, the windows built-in software like SMS, email, solitaire, etc.”

So there it is, but take note that this “hot fix” is only for the HTC Touch HD with ROM version 1.19.xxx.x

Source — slashphone

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