iPhone 3G now available from Apple without O2 contract

Finally Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are offering the iPhone 3G without an O2 contract, you are now able to pick up your iPhone 3G from the Apple Store in the UK, it’s taken almost 6 months for them to actually pull this one out of the bag, although it was back in the summer when we first heard that Apple will offer the iPhone 3G without a contract.

If you are now wondering how much the pre pay Apple iPhone will cost you then you do not have to wait any longer, the iPhone 3G 8GB will cost you £342.50 ($513) and the 16 GB option will cost you £391.45 ($587) this is of course without a O2 contract.

With the Apple iPhone 3G Pay & Go plan you get unlimited WiFi (UK) and browsing for 12 months, but you do need to pay £10 to activate your iPhone, then it’s yours to pay and go.

Source: engadgetmobile


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  1. Mr Joe says:

    You got it wrong, the small print on Apples website says “iPhone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be used only with the Pay & Go service from O2. iPhone Pay & Go includes 12 months unlimited 3G data and Wi-Fi access.”

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