Motorola (MOT) Motorokr EM35 could be a winner

Motorola, (MOT) has announced the addition of the Motorola Motorokr EM35 to their portfolio. According to Motorola, the Motorokr EM35 mobile phone has been designed to deliver exceptional audio performance for both talk and music.

Tracey Koziol, corporate vice president, mid-tier and feature products, Mobile Devices, Motorola has said, the Motorokr EM35, along with its virtual surround sound and multitude of top range features ensures the Motorokr EM35 is the perfect mobile handset for the customer who is seeking top multimedia and audio performance.

The Motorola Motorokr EM35 amplifies conversations and helps reduce background interference by utilising CrystalTalk technology and the EM35 is further enhanced with a secondary microphone to help remove more ambient background noise.

Source — tradingmarkets

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