ZTE C78 with MertoPCS but has been for a while

Back in spring ZTE announced the purple C78 candy-bar form factor mobile phone and now the ZTE purple C78 is shipping on MetroPCS; this makes the 3rd mobile phone from ZTE shipped with MetroPCS this year.

The ZTE purple C78 is among the first official XTE launches in North America, but it’s not actually going to pull in any power user, but then power users don’t really go with MetroPCS anyway.

The ZTE C78 offers a 2 inch display, tri-band CDMA, VGA camera, 60MB storage and costs $129.00 with no agreement. One thing though, just why ZTE issued this announcement is kind of strange considering the purple C78 has been available for a few weeks on MetroPCS.

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3 thoughts on “ZTE C78 with MertoPCS but has been for a while”

  1. Turtle says:

    Dont waste your time.this phone is horrible. i had it less than 3 hours before i wanted to take it back. but metro pcs will not return “upgrade” phones. It constantly misses calls and text messages . there are no drivers to connect it to a computer. you cannot program any of the keys so texting becomes tedious.and even the slightest impact , such as settign it down, can cause it to restart. when it does connect the connection is poor . complete waste of money. and before you think my phone is defective a friend of mine has had the exact same problems with hers . Metro knows about the problems but there pushing the phone because it is very cheap to them .

  2. Logan says:

    I have this phone and i hate it!!!! do not buy this phone!. The camera quality is terrible. The phone restarts constantly and it is too small and the buttons are hard to text with. If you text a lot like me you might as well get a phone with a keyboard for 69$ more. I HATE THIS PHONE!!!

  3. Angela says:

    My phone also has the same problems such as missing calls and restarting itself also. When my friends called me, my phone didn’t even ring and it wasn’t on vibrate nor was it in silent mode either. I didn’t know that I received a call until I looked at the phone. MetroPcs should not sell shoddy phones like this to their customers at all! Because of that incident, I refused to continue to be a METRO PCS customer and switched to BOOST. Atleast I won’t have to pay ridiculous fees to add a service, pay my bill, get bad reception to where my calls are dropped, bad customer service. You really never speak to a representative and atleast if I travel outside the state, I can use my new service vs. METRO. When I went to Louisinana, I had no service because METRO doesn’t exist there at all and it made me really upset. Also, they overcharge you for discontinued phones that you may get for free if you had a contract with a phone carrier like T-mobile or AT&T. Atleast with Boost, $50 can get you everything with no funny taxes unlike METRO who has a $45 plan in the end that will turn out to $62 and then, you have to pay $3 more to pay your bill. I’m so glad that they have competition now and I hope that they fall!

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