E-wave chip: An end to mobile phone health scares perhaps?

Belgium health company Omega Pharma has come up with a way of possibly putting some of the health issues concerning mobile phone radiation at ease. Omega Pharma is about to sell a chip which they claim will “counter potentially damaging radiation from mobile phones.”

Omega Pharma normally sells non-prescription health products such as pregnancy test kits snake oil, wart treatments ect, to pharmacists. And now their new E-waves mobile phone chip will certainly get the Omega Pharma name known worldwide.

Apparently testing of the E-wave chip showed the chip “lessened symptoms such as headaches and loss of concentration that might be associated with mobile phone use.” Furthermore the E-wave chip isn’t going to break the bank at just about $50.00, and is to launch in Europe first but go worldwide eventually.

Source — Engadget


One thought on “E-wave chip: An end to mobile phone health scares perhaps?”

  1. Jan says:

    Absolutely fraudulous. Taking money from people for a gadget that does nothing.

    If you think radiation is causing you troubles, you may put off the source, protect yourself by a cage of Faraday or leave to a less radiated place.

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